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To all Deline Beneficiaries of the SDMCLCA,

For your information, by end of day September 2, 2016, the updated list of nominees for the Dene Gha Gok’eRehkw’i (DGGR/Beneficiary Board) will be posted on the ourdeline.ca website. This will includetheir short paragraph or video clip submitted as part of their nomination package; their residency status; and their picture (if provided).

Beneficiaries will be able to provide comments, in confidence, to the Nominations Officer regarding the nominees until Saturday September 10, 2016 at 5:00 PM MST. Comments may be submitted in... read more

Welcome to ourdeline.ca, a website dedicated to providing information on the Deline Final Self-Government Agreement and self-government implementation.

Fact Sheet #1 - How the FSGA was Made (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #3 - What You Need to Know About Voting (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #4 - One Government for Deline (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #5 - Elected Representatives and Advisory Councils (translation by Jane Modeste)
Fact Sheet #12 - Financing Agreement (translation by Jane Modeste)

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  • No. Self-government will not change the rights and benefits the Deline Dene and Metis have under Treaty 11 or the land claim. Instead, it builds on them by giving the people of Deline the ability to make laws and take over programs and services in the community and on Settlement Lands.

  • Self-government is the start of a new relationship between governments. This relationship will change over time. But the Final Self-Government Agreement (FSGA) says how the Deline Got’ine Government (DGG), the GNWT and Canada will work together after self-government is in place. The Implementation Committee is one way the governments will continue to work together to make sure the change to self-government is happening properly and to deal with any issues that come up.

    The DGG will be able to make its own laws for the community. The FSGA says how these laws will work with the laws of the NWT and Canada. If there is a conflict between the DGG law and federal or NWT laws, in many cases the DGG law will be followed.